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    The goal of Open Wellington - Data is to provide to any interested party access to City data in an effort that supports government transparency, openness and innovative uses that will help improve the lives of Wellington residents, visitors and businesses through use of technology. Open Wellinton - Data will also enable the local developer community to develop applications that will hopefully help Wellington solve problems.
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    Did you know that you can also search our online documents archive? Find meeting agendas, meeting, contracts, plats, resolutions and much more! Documents are added everyday! Click on this picture to visit Open Wellington - Document Management.
  • Welcome to Open Wellington - Data
  • Open Wellington - Document Management
  • CO CO

    This dataset list all Certificate of Occupancies issued since 2000 in Wellington. If you need additional information or CO's issued prior to 2000, please contact the building department

  • Purchase Order Listing Purchase Order Listing

    This dataset lists all purchase orders issued in Wellington as of July 31, 2012. If you require additional information, please visit Open Wellington or contact the purchasing department.

  • Roof Inspections Roof Inspections

    This dataset lists all roof inspections done in Wellington between January 2000 and August 9, 2012. If you need additional information or inspections done prior to 2000, please contact the building department.

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